Hey there! I’m here to answer the most common questions and feel free to drop me a line with anything additional I can help you with!


Let’s get started!:

Where do sessions take place?

Your underwater session will take place in a local pool and from there, what we create is up to us!

What about hair and makeup?

Makeup can be a good waterproof mascara and even a brand like lip sense for lips. False eyelashes haven’t lasted through a session yet with a client, so skip that for now. Hair is come as your are. Other options would be tight braids or pony tail.

What are my clothing options?

Clothing options are fun and I can advise you more on this once your session is booked. There are many options we can take on this like working with things from your own wardrobe or something from my stash of underwater goods.

How long does an underwater session last?

Time in water is usually 30-45 minutes…BUT there is no rush and if you need a break and more time, that is most important.

Wait, I’m not a big swimmer, could I still do this?

If you don’t feel like you’re a swimmer, rest assured, swimming quality isn’t the most important in this. Sometimes it’s fun to go to a deeper end of the pool, but so much can be accomplished in water that comes up to your chin or just above. If you have any hesitancy on this, give me a call and let’s chat, I can walk you through any fears you have regarding this.

SESSIONS like this are so different and spectacular in their own way, email me and we can talk about your interest or put to rest any fears to try an underwater session.