Frequently Asked Questions


I’m not a model, I don’t feel like I could pose or look good in the images

Babe, my clients are your every day awesome and amazing woman just like yourself, but with no modeling experience. I walk you through the posing…hold your hand the whole way through. You will be pleasantly surprised that you got this in you and that you’re truly stunning.

What should I wear?

A few weeks before your session start shopping! If you're ordering online this will give you plenty of time to try on & send it back if you need to return it.Try visiting Victoria's Secret & Nordstroms or Macy's (some clients have found some amazing things on Amazon as well).

Don't forget to raid your own closet for sheer tops, off the shoulder sweaters and little black dresses. Some of my most favorite options have been a black bodysuit or white tank top. Basically, simple with even a white sheet is just as beautiful as a full lingerie set. Sexy goes beyond what you’re wearing or not wearing!

Which days can I have my session?

Sessions are at 9:00am Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. (Sunday mornings are available upon request)

How far in advance should I book?

Your goal is 4-6 weeks before your final product is needed.

Where will my session take place?

Your session will take place at my residential studio.

What should I do to prepare?

At least a week before your session, hydrate daily with water. Your skin will love you for it. Please don’t SPRAY TAN or intentionally tan (hey in summer it’s hard and I get it). Tanning can just make you look more orange in your portraits.

2-4 days before your session check your nails. You can put a fun sexy color on your toes but remember your fingers will be in your images so stick to neutrals or french tip for your fingernails.

Can I have someone with me at my shoot?

Your friend is always welcome. Please note to get the most out of your own session, we’d ask her just to sit on the side and soak it all in.


desire for a passion-filled life

…don’t stop now

What packages are included and how much should I expect to pay?

Your session fee of $250 includes professional hair and makeup with eyelashes, your portrait session (approximately 1.5 hours shooting time and 3-4 outfits), retouching of your images and in-person photo viewing to select your products purchased separately.

Our products include a la carte items such as metal prints or digital products. Most clients start with a luxury album (because once you see a sample…!) starting at $650 or $850 depending on size. Please email me at for your full pricing menu.

How much do you edit?

I do standard color adjustments and fixing of wardrobe. Remember a lot centers around how we pose you. Blemishes, etc. that are temporary and heal in the short-term we eliminate. Scars or stretch marks we buff out so they are subtle because they tell your story, but aren’t the main attraction.

How safe are my photos and website use?

Keeping your images safe is important. I don’t use your name in blog posts or social media (when given permission to use).

Whether you want to share your images or not is entirely up to you. After your session, I will send you and permission to share photographs form allowing you to decide if you’d like all, some or none shared. If you choose none (and that is absolutely okay to do), your images will not be shared.

How will I select my images from my shoot?

The day of your session, we will book the next appointment to meet up and review your portraits. It’s an opportunity to go over the products again and determine what is best for you and to celebrate how amazing you look.