A Passion | Oshkosh and Milwaukee Underwater Photographer

Milwaukee Portrait Photographers.jpg

Maybe it’s being exposed to the minimalist explosion lately to the reduction of all things that don’t bring you joy. Or maybe it’s being another year older and thinking just being real and raw has become so much more important.

It means I wear far less makeup than I used to…most days anyway.

It also means I find I don’t stress as much about what my subjects and clients wear but more about creating an experience and a connection. (although I do love some fun outfits).

Raw and simple has become so beautiful…or maybe I’ve just finally seen what’s been there all along?

Its like the image at my parents house I pass every time I’m there. It’s a documentary style portrait of some long ago ancestors I never met…standing outside a home along with some horses. It’s mesmerizing and I’m not sure why…it’s simple, it’s black and white and it’s one of those that draws you in because you want to know what they doing right before the image and what will they do next.

Hmmmm my musings today but also something I want to document more of, just raw beauty. Curious of your thoughts? Email me at rachel@rachelaberle.com