It Doesn't Matter What You Wear|Oshkosh Boudoir Photographer

I do love a great outfit and how it all comes together but as I continue to photograph women yearly, it’s not the outfit that even matters.


Simple for me is pure gold. It’s a chance for women to just be, to not hide behind layers of life.

Yes Life….we get into a place in life where we’re the mom, the wife, the companion, the career woman, the be all do all person.

Sometimes it’s just wanting to put all that shit to the side and just be. Just be a woman who connects to titles, no to do lists, just being our own vulnerable self for ourself. No covering ourselves up physically or mentally for fear of rejection from others or most importantly, from ourself.

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Why vulnerable? When you’re vulnerable enough to really see yourself (emotionally as well as physically) and how AMAZING you look in the camera, you will have and renowned confidence you never knew you had.

And did ya know…every year the camera truly captures how you’ve grown. How much wiser and bolder and confident you’ve become. Every year this changes and you grow. Keep growing darling.

Oshkosh+boudoir+photographer+Milwaukee boudoir+Madison