It's Kinda Like Yoga|Oshkosh Boudoir Photographer

One of my early morning goals has been to do yoga during the week…that is when I actually get up early enough to do it before the household wakes up. (not always the morning person I pretend to be)

But alas, as I’ve been working with yoga in the morning hours, I tend to think about how many of the poses can work into a boudoir shoot. The stretching, the alignment, some of it just mashes together and compliments each other.

But another interesting thing I keep noticing is aside from when I’ve done other things like walking, riding a biking or other forms of exercise, yoga has brought more awareness to things like how strong my back is holding a pose, or how tight my legs are in a stretch (not tight like bam you’re looking good, more like Oh gawd I need to stretch these things out more). Things that boudoir portraits take awareness of beyond the typical smiling images.

One of the coolest things I find with boudoir images is that they say things like, “hey, did you know your back is gorgeous and carries the weight of the world sometimes” or “hot damn, I’ve never noticed how awesome my calves are in that position”. Look at you, you’re one amazing, all encompassing, smart, friggin’ hot woman.


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