They Learned To Trust Each Other|Oshkosh Underwater Photographer

When Miss C. mentioned doing an underwater shoot with her husband I was at first excited, look at that image and then anxiety set in. I’ve never worked with two people under the water together.

It’s a bit of an adjustment to get one person comfortable doing things they needed to do, but two?

But if they were up for it, I decided I was ready for that next challenge.

We hashed out some outfits and he wore black pants and white button down. Her…her gorgeous wedding dress.

After a few pointers, we all dove in and worked some magic.

These two did not disappoint. He was a stronghold for her under the water and she showed trust as he held her in place (did I mention this was all underwater?). Blush…it was a moving dynamic to watch.


I am looking forward to doing more couples portraits underwater, it’s just so darn cool.