Stepping out of your comfort...

I can be a bit impatient when it comes to getting things done.  Back in the day at a corporate office this served my employers well.  Here at home doing home projects, it doesn't always work well with a hubby who has other plans.  

A year or so ago while waiting for the hubster to cut the piece of wood I needed and to drill the hole I needed to finish a project my impatience kicked in.  Dusting off some of that anxiety I had about using "big" tools, I took a deep breath and realized I needed to get over being scared of them if I wanted to move forward with anything project big or small.  

Small steps turned into bigger steps.  I bought myself my own cordless drill, a table saw (love that thing) and went to work.  I opened up my world a bit and started just getting things done on my time and creating without limits....Finally.

Think about what's holding you back.  Is it limiting you in any way from accomplishing bigger things?

-swinging couch made my moi...

-table made by my dad years ago and due to some little shenanigans at 2 years old, I upholstered the top


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